Al Jardine with Special Guests A Postcard From California cd
 Anvil Chorus The Killing Sun (Rockadrome) cd
 Bedlam Rovers wallow (Spirit/Normal) cd
 Black Pole   cd single
 Blacksun   cd
 Boyskout   cd
 Brad Brooks   live
 Brando 8x8 cd
 Buck Naked  and the Bare Bottom Boys Heyday cd
 Capsule Songs From The Living Room cd
 Cherokee Fade Waking Up (is hard to do) digital download
 Christ on Parade   cd singles
 Christine Morgan   cd
 Cibo Matto Super Relax (Warner Brothers) cd ep
 Clouds Aquamarine, Panel Van (Polydor - AUS) cd/ep
 Clouds (Elektra) cd single
 Cola   demos
 Cold Hot Crash   mixing
 Colorfinger   cd
 Con Brio From The Hip cd (mixed)
 Cult Of Suburbia   cd ep
 Dance Hall Crashers 1989-92 (Moon Records) cd
 Dart 36 cents an hour che'  (UK) cd
 David Hopkins Amber And Green cd ep
 David Hopkins Running With Knives cd
 David Hopkins Over There Jean Pierre cd ep
 David Hopkins Here Come The Bright Lights cd
 Dead Celebrities   cd ep
 Easy Hoes Tragic Songs of Life vinyl
 Engine 88 flies and death 'n stuff (Wingnut) cd
 Engine 88 Clean Your Room (Caroline) cd
 Eskimo Der Shrimpkin (Prawn Song) cd
 Eskimo Jack cd
 Evening Empire Build The Myth Backwards cd ep
 Exodus Impact Is Imminent demos (Capitol) demos
 Four Non Blondes untitled vinyl ep
 Gavin Caanan The Beauty In Decay cd
 Glitter Mini 9 Bitchin' cd ep
 Grotus Brown cd
 Grotus Luddite cd ep
 Happy Going Nowhere   cd
 Heavy Into Jeff For Here or To Go (Sugar Fix) cd ep
 Heavy Into Jeff FU (UBL Recordings) cd
 Helen Keller Plaid   cd
 Hello Evening pool house, New!..Mountain (find it online) cd ep, vinyl ep
 Hey Stevie Eloquence cd
 Hey! Brontosaurus Life Stars (citrustocitrus) cd
 Hoi Polloi   cds/demos
 Howard Hewitt   live dvd
 Invisible Green   cd ep
 Jimmy Dillon Rituals cd
 Judybloom   cd singles
 Konami Games Karaoke Revolution game
 Korby Lenker Bellingham         cd
 LA Guitar Quartet KDFC Live @ Bimbo's 365 Club live radio
 Leigh Gregory 1973, Rainy Season Never Ends cd
 Los Dos Bros Greek Gods Of The West, Songs For Feeling Strong cd
 LoWatters Live at Skywalker cd
 Marble Party Sometimes a Great Ocean cd
 Mellow Drunk One Thousand Lights cd
 Memory's Mystic Band Imaginary Clouds (Green Fuse/Vollwert Records Berlin) cd ep (mixed)
 Mermen In God We Trust (Kelptone) cd
 Mermen Songs of The Cows (Mesa Blue Moon (Atlantic)) cd
 Mermen  The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show   cd
 MK Ultra The Dream Is Over (artichoke) cd
 MK Ultra Original Motion Picture (Artichoke) cd
 Molly Maguire  The Patchwork Project with the Bolinas Choir cd
 Molly Maguire  bike cd
 Moving Violations   cd
 Naked Aggression   cd singles
 Old Scratch Old Scratch tba
 Oranger Quietvibrationland cd
 Oranger Shutdown the Sun cd
 Overwhelming Colorfast Sourdough (Goldenrod) cd ep
 Pat Kelley   demos
 Paul Siegel After Willoughby Station (RNG Records) cd
 Plum Short Way To Live (Spirit) cd
 Pomegranate don ron (Treat and Release) (A&M) cd
 Porcelain Slam Bam (Popsmear) cd ep
 Powderwheel The Crooked Line cd
 Red Planet Revolution 33 cd
 Release   demos
 Rule Of Thumb Wow And Flutter (Litmus) cd
 Salvadors Army Reincarnitas cd ep
 Sebastian   cd ep
 See Jane Run Last Night's Dream cd
 Separate Ways   cd
 Shea Roxi   demos
 Shig and Buzz   demos
 Shining Scribes   cd
 Smoking Section   demos
 Snakebit Drifters TBA eps (mixed)
 Sordid Humor Light Music for Dying People cd
 Stimmies Pet cd
 Strawman Strawman cd
 Swallow songs for strippers and other professions cd
 Sweet Virginia Live At Noe Valley Ministry cd
 Tang! Live At the Elbow Room cd
 Tang!         How Do You Take It cd
 The Billy Nayer Show The Villan That Love Built cd
 The Billy Nayer Show Return To Brigadoon cd
 The Clarkes The Clarkes cd
 The Dreamcatcher  From The High Desert   digital ep
 The Hairdressers Our Lives In Showbusiness cd
 The Harbours No Souvenirs cd
 The Harry Smith Project Collection cd boxset
 The Heavenly States   cd single
 The Keeners Defenestration Songs cd
 The Krinkles One Stop Shopping cd
 The MUTS The Most Unlikely To Succeed mastering
 The Parties Coast Garde (Rainbow Quartz) cd (mixed)
 The Rosemarys   demos
 The Sneetches Think Again (Bus) cd ep
 This Old Earthquake Portuguese Murder Ballads cd
 This Old Earthquake Gospel Flats cd
 Tijuana Stripclub   cd
 tiny little blackouts idea of Alice (Robot 123 Records) cd
 Tired Of Sleeping   cd
 Tom Barnes Three Day Ditties demos
 Trevor Childs & The Beholders Another Friday Night (citrustocitrus) cd
 Trevor Childs Spirit Guide digital release
 Uncalled Four   cd
 Under   cd/demos single
 Wade Wade(Spirit) cd
 Zircus Smashes cd