Welcome to smokeandmirrorsaudio Productions

Welcome to my digital world, feel free to browse the site! As an Audio Engineer for the past 30 years, I have seen the trends come and go with the ultimate truth of music flowing throughout each and every change. I embrace the worlds of Analog and Digital recording and mixing, for each medium has its merits. I feel that with my experience in both worlds, I offer up knowledge that will benefit every recording or live situation.

I currently employ both an AVID ProTools 10/11/12/Ultimate Native system and an Avid ProTools 7.3/8 HD3 Accel system for audio capture with a healthy compliment of boutique preamplifiers and microphones (see gear list for full details). The age old discussion of Tube versus Solid State is one I have decided to accept as a dead tie. Therefore, I offer both!! Remember in the process of capturing musical ideas the musician comes first with the ideas and I offer up my talents as a facilitator to bring the artistic vision as a whole to fruition. May the spirit be with you in your quest for new musical ideas!